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Plan a Birthday Party Quick

For a good amount of my young adult years , I have been planning surprise birthday parties for all my closest friends. It has become what I am known for best. A birthday might mean something to some and may be just another day to others so take into consideration on who you're planning it… Continue reading Plan a Birthday Party Quick

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Dear 2020, let’s begin again…

image: Danielle Macinnes How things have unfolded since the mid of March. It's amazing that the storyline of how 2020 was going to unravel, became this somewhat horror story for the World. Mother earth is fighting back in defence and we're here to listen and play our part by staying home.What has happened since the… Continue reading Dear 2020, let’s begin again…

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2020 – The next Era

This is it. In less than 4hrs we are officially in the era of 2020. What's so important about this year then ? Isn't it just the same? Like any other New Year, same old habits, underachieved goals pushed on to the next, self denial and procrastination at its best and a vicious cycle of… Continue reading 2020 – The next Era