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7 Steps on How to get that Lifestyle You’ve always Wanted

There is no fast way to get the things that you desire, especially not when it comes to attaining a certain type of lifestyle. No shortcuts available here, trust me. It takes dedication, desire, passion, patience, perseverance, faith and determination. A mindset that can withstand the tests of time and the trials that come along… Continue reading 7 Steps on How to get that Lifestyle You’ve always Wanted

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2020 – The next Era

This is it. In less than 4hrs we are officially in the era of 2020. What's so important about this year then ? Isn't it just the same? Like any other New Year, same old habits, underachieved goals pushed on to the next, self denial and procrastination at its best and a vicious cycle of… Continue reading 2020 – The next Era