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Things not to do when traveling

So I've finished binge watching Emily in Paris and I must say I enjoy the conversation about the cross cultural differences between Parisians and Chi town's marketing executive Emily Coopers. It's cute, sometimes stressful but most times sarcastically funny. And it’s all about a foreigner trying to fit in sexy intelligent Paris. Image: Visionpic.net The… Continue reading Things not to do when traveling

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A Simpler Lifestyle Begins with You

It all starts from ground zero. You. Your beliefs, principles and habits will allow you to either simplify your life or complicate it. Now, tailored to your own way of life, whether you’re a jet setter, the leader of a large family, a soloist, a city slicker or someone who lives way out there in… Continue reading A Simpler Lifestyle Begins with You

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Invest Your Energy Where It Matters

I'm sure you've been in situations where your energy was exhausted before. Either by a partner, a family member, a friend or work and school scenarios that has brought you moments of sheer mental and physical exhaustion. In the situation of a group chat, you ask a serious question that you need help or support… Continue reading Invest Your Energy Where It Matters